You might be from Eureka if......

You shopped at Burgers Market or the Food Mart for your groceries .

You remember when Harris street was a two way street (It took you down to Broadway)

The only place for hamburgers was Little Joes Burger Farm, fresh Freeze, Mikes or Coney Island

Mike's Hamburgers was the only place to find Garlic Fries. (STILL IS FOR GOOD ONES)

When you could drive through Sequoia Park. (There was a house near the duck pond you could walk through)

When a train gave you rides thru the Park

The curly slide and the Monster tall slide at the Park

Bill the Chimp. the polar bear, and the lion at the Zoo.

The best place to go out to dinner was the Big 4

Shopping downtown and lunching at the Red Barn (Next to Hobart Brown's newly opened art gallery).

Breakfast at Sambo's

Cruising 2nd street to look at the hookers

Your phone number was Hillside etc.....

The sweet shop in Henderson Center (KNOCKOUT WAITRESS)

Getting your shoes at Hornbrooks (and the cool but creepy fluoroscope that let you look at the bones in your feet)

Shopping at Jones Variety

The Midway Drive In (In the fog )

Going to the State, Rialto, and Eureka Theater ... If one movie was too crowded, walk to the other .

Going to the movies every Saturday - no matter what was on. It cost .35 to get in - We got .50 to spend - That bought a charm sucker, flicks and a popcorn

Taking the ferry Madaket to Samoa - there was no bridge.

Riding bikes down Dolbeer Hill. Walking your one-speed bike back up

Going to Willow Creek - taking 2 plus hours because everyone got sick on the switchbacks, and dodging log trucks all the way

Returning from Willow Creek after dark and seeing the orange glow of teepee burners at the lumber mills . They looked like volcanoes

The Student Union at Eureka High - only buy the fries and footlong (Wasn't it called the STUDENT'S INN?)

Everyone went to the Rhody parade in Henderson Center.

The newspaper seller downtown, the one with leather lungs and a voice of brass and his distinctive call "HumBOLDT StandARD PAAAY-PER" (He was a docent at the Maritime museum the last time I checked)

You pronounce Buhne St. in some weird way, which may include: 'Booner,' 'Boonie,' 'Boon", or 'Byoon'. (My great-grandmother was a New Englander so she felt comfortable throwing in the "R" to make it "Booner')

When visitors have a tough time trying to figure out how 4th street, 5th street, Broadway ,and 101 are all the same, you can't see what their problem is.

The Little Sheriff. He was about 4 feet tall, wore an honorary badge, but was short a few marbles. Still, he was well liked and respected.

Partricks candy store. Watching the taffy puller in the window.

Roller skating at Redwood Acres and "Muni" auditorium on the weekends

Looking at the goodies in the window at Jan's Bakery in Henderson Center

Observing "Push Button Mary" walk around Henderson Center pushing buttons

I am definitely walking down Memory Lane today. I remember most of the above list. What a great place to grow up!! Please add to this list and send it back to us. Love, Candy and Kevin

Walking down to Harry Hansen's store on Myrtle Av. for penny candy

Going to Toby Reese's Feed Store with your Dad and getting to hold the baby ducks and chicks

Having a huge 10 cent bag of popcprn from Kress's Dime store

Having your sandwich made on Big Loaf Bread

Shopping for groceries at Norris Market and Stanton's Market on Myrtle Av..

Sampling a free cold hot dog from the butcher at Stanton's Market while your mom bought meat

Sitting at the counter eating a burger and drinking a Nesbitt's orange soda in the little trailer that was Steve's Coney Island

Riding your bike up to Couer's Market in Freshwater

Gasing up the car at the Flying A gas station next door to Steve's Coney Island on Harris Street

Cruising the A&W Drive-In on Myrtle Av to see who was there.

Having lunch at the Three-O Five Coffee Shop, T-Bones, or The Wee Bee Cafe

Other great places to eat like Lazio's, Weatherbee's Seafood, Roy's Club, OH's Towne House and Art's Gallery

Heading down to Denny's after midnight for food and to see who was there

Having lunch at Songer's Market by Eureka High School

Shopping for clothes at Daly's, Arthur Johnson's, The White House, MaGaraghan's, Bistrin's, Alice Faye, Mode O'Day, Ned's Menswear, Cliff's Menswear,and The Three of Us

Going into Steelhead Louie's Sporting Goods on 5th St.

Going to the Lemon Tree, Fig Twig, Olive Branch, and Scarborough Faire, for dances

Camping at French's in the summer

Square dancing in the barn at French's

Laying in the sun at Benbow Lake

Skim boarding at Moonstone Beach

Friday and Saturday nights at The Alley Lounge

Playing softball at Carson Park

Rowing or sailing a boat over to Gunther Island (there was no bridge)

Going to the keggers at HSU.

Walking around "stinky beach"

Catching "air" on thrill hill (Hodgson Street)

Partying in the woods at Albee Stadium (behind the sign on the football field)

Riding bicycles downtown, to Sequoia Park, the boat basin

Swimming at Freshwater in the summer time.

Bowling at the Eureka Bowling Alley in downtown

Contrubited by Robert Graham, 11/08