EHS Class of 1963 Privacy Policy

The information contained herein is collected and published on this website for the express purpose of informing and assisting the members of the EHS class of 1963.

No information, names, phone numbers, email addresses etc. will be given to third parties by the class of 1963 reunion committee.

We will also use the information to compile and publish a memory book that will be available for purchase in printed format and on the web after the 40th reunion.

But remember.......

This is an open web site and may be viewed by anyone taking the time and effort to look.

Establishing this as an open web site makes it more usable to the members of the class in being able to find and contact other classmates.

It is beyond the scope of this endevor to add levels of security to the site that would require all users to register and obtain passwords. ....we all have too many passwords now anyway.

If you do not wish some of your contact information listed on the web page please indicate this in the "general comments" section of the bio submit page. Please be very clear about what you do not want listed......i.e. your phone, email or mailing address information listed on the web page.

We will keep your contact information private. We do however, need to know how to contact you to keep you advised of the upcoming events. So... please do provide us with your mailing address, email address and phone numbers, but let us know if you want any of that witheld from listing on the web page.


Ron Harris