Remember the Melodiers?
From Linda Weidcamp.....

"Rich Coe played sax along with Keith and John. Yes, John's parent had the grocery store. Bill never played with the group unless he just "sat in" once or so. You will probably remember them looking like this all those years ago. It might bring back memories!

Keith's class of 58 will be having its 50th this October. Actually other Melodiers Bill Crichton and Rich Sloma are in 58 too. You might not remember Rich as he mostly played only while in high school as he went away to Stanford for college. Rich Coe( class of 57) then joined but he passed away in the late 60's as the result of an auto accident. Noel Weidkamp was in the 62 class but couldn't attend his reunion last summer. John Sander was in the class of 59. They had several different piano players but Mark Gaedicke from the class of 62 or Dennis Hunter from 60 are the ones you might remember. "

.........and a few years later
We expect to have Melodier CDs available for purchase at the 45th Reunion Dinner.

They donate all proceedes from the sale of the CDs to the EHS Mucic Program.