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A grand time was had by all at the 55th EHS Class of 1963 Reunion.

The reunion was held at the Elks Lodge in Eureka.

on August 18, 2018

I will upload a copy of the 55th reunion class picture soon.

General info: 

I have been asked several questions about where our class members are now and how many we can't find.

So, a bit of a recap of what we know as of today Aug. 18th, 2018.

44 of our class members were present at the Elks Club in Eureka for the 55th reunion.

That is about 10% of our graduating class.

I think that about 434 graduated in our class.

As of today we show 92 are deceased.

This is probably about 20 short....since we can't locate everyone.

This spring I mailed 341 post cards announcing the 55th reunion.

These went to the last address we had on file for each person.

About 45 were Evy by the post office beause the intended person no longer is at address we have on file. .

We have no contact info at all for about 84 of the class members on our master list.

So, where does everyone live now? Based on the addresses we have on file.

103 class members still live in and around Eureka, Fortuna, McKinleyville etc. say a 20 miles radius.

237 live in CA

27 live in OR

17 live in WA

9 live in WA

There are no foreign addresses.

All other class members are scattered all over the US.

I have also updated the "Inmemoriam" page with the names of the known deceased class members as of Aug. 2018

Ron Harris


All known contact info and present status of our classmembers is containded in our "online" master database.

Please check the contact information I have for you, and all others, by clicking the link below:

Click link below for:

Class Member online Database

This is updated as we receive new information.

If you have any information about status changes and/or updated contact information for any other class member please send it to me , and I will update our database.

Please note: The new "cloud" based database will become the main source for up to date address, email, phone numbers etc.

So, the most up to date contact information will be the new "Class member database" .

The existing Bio pages will stay as is. I do not plan to try to keep them updated.

Please email any new address or Email info to me at

We will continue to try to do as much as possible via email and this web site........Please tell all classmates to check this web site for the latest info and to update their contact info.

However, for the internet can call Evy Ley (Coleman) at her cell phone at 707-498-1764.

There is a Facebook page for the Class. However, I do not plan to copy any of the information on this web site onto Facebook.

Perhaps Facebook is a place for free exchange of comments etc.

This website will remain the official source for class information and contact data.

Ron Harris

If you have any ideas for how this web site could be improved.... please contact me.